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For Registry Plan, you can apply for sub domain for development and get a head start in business. We offers Brand Affiliation with value added specialty content to transform you to the new way of doing business worldwide.




Qcircle is an online division of BPII Organisation. Uniquely a new world eConsortium, it is now open for cooperative learning and development. It features a knowledge ecosystem with a structured Global Education plus Business Portal to regenerate new growth and a set of well integrated specialty knowledge domains for synergy built-up.

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The World's largest integrated platform of networked chartered professionals. Chartered Network with Building Practice International hosts a multi-disciplinary platform of businesses and professionals. It is uniquely networked under a distinctive set of rich keyword domains as specialty portals with ready global marketplaces and for new economy challenges. The Strategic Gateway for entrepreneurs and professionals to position themselves into new reach and opportunities.

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    Once the sub domain name is approved, you will be directed to an implementation process. You can activate the connection either by a self activation or an aided activation mode of your choice.

    Except for CharteredProfessional.com, all applications to other specialty domains will require candidates to hold a similar title from an approved professional institution.


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