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Chartered Network International is a Strategic Partner of Qcircle and its Partner Ecosystem of digital growth.
Qcircle is an integrated multi-faceted eCommerce Consortium with an open Education + Business Development Portal for all to find their own fit.  It provides self-directed learning and opportunities for purposeful participation in the eConsortium.
  • ePartners  who possess special expertise, professional qualification or have acquired a new competency certification can apply to include other specialty programs in their portfolio of services. Members can also submit their programs for accreditation and integration with Qcircle.
  • Non-ePartners are welcome to submit an application with details of their prior attainments and or business plan for pathway entry.
Singapore Office

545 Orchard Road #11-12
Singapore 23882

Australia Office

524 Hay Street, Ground Level
Perth WA 6000

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