The Network

Chartered Network International (CNI). 

Chartered Network is  hosted as a Knowledge Partners' Portal at Qcircle, an online  division of BPII Organisation.

Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled new world Consortium.

As the World's largest integrated platform of networked chartered professionals, CNI hosts a multi-disciplinary team of business service providers / owners and professionals. It is uniquely interconnected with a distinctive set of rich keyword domains and ready for today's globalised marketplaces and new economy challenges.

CNI provides the Strategic Gateway for entrepreneurs and professionals to position themselves into new reach and opportunities. Participation is by subscription of a Consortium Plan.


The New World Consortium @ Qcircle

Chartered Network International (CNI)  is one of the Knowledge Partners of Qcircle. Qcircle is a multi-disciplinary ecommerce enabled Consortium for members to work together in synergy in today’s increasing competitive environment and be ready for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Generally, all Consortium Members are granted privileges based on their competencies and the choice of consortium plan selected.

The eConsortium and its Structure

In a shared environment, CNI provide the framework for cooperative development among networked members worldwide. Members can participate in a chain of inter-related business entities and be affiliated with its internationally recognised specialty domain brands and service channels to generates new growth opportunities.

The Consortium is open for participation by subscription of a Consortium Plan


Affiliate Plan

Affiliate Plan comprises three categories of participation

  • Qualified Affiliate
  • Professional Affiliate
  • Business Affiliate
Associate Plan

Associate Plan comprises three categories of participation

  • Professional Asssociate
  • Specialist Associate
  • Business Associate
Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan comprises three categories of participation

  • Business Host
  • Ecommerce Host
  • Global Host
Partners Plan
  • Global Partner
  • Strategic Partner