Participation @ Chartered Network International
Qcircle eConsortium Policy

Chartered Network International is a eConsortium Partner of Qcircle and its Partner Ecosystem.
 The eConsortium @ Qcircle is a strategically built platform for shared value pursuits and ecommerce exchanges.
As a trusted eConsortium Ecosystem, it requires prequalification to partake in its system for growth. Participation is by subscription to a Consortium Financial Plan. The Plan awards privileges and financial rewards.

Knowledge Domain | Brands

Main Features

The eConsortium

Qcircle is a unique ecommerce enabled Consortium in today’s digital driven economies. It hosts a diverse pool of education, business and professional service providers and owners for intra-ecommerce development and global outreach. It features an integrated education and business (“E+B”) development paradigm for regeneration of ideas and creation of new jobs and businesses or strategic enhancement of existing enterprises among networked participants.

Under the Qcircle Innovators Portal, participants are digitally connected to the eConsortium with one of its knowledge domains for co-identification and be recoginised as a valued stakeholder at Qcircle eConsortium.

eConsortium Ecosystem of Growth

Participants can create their own digital value chain by domain brand affiliation based on their core competencies and specialisation at the eConsortium. It is a unique integration to the eConsortium Partnership.

Qcircle is a trusted eConsortium for business and digital development. With its integrated value chains, all services, programs and applications are conducted by all its stakeholders of different competency and interest under the aegis of a unified eConsortium Ecosystem. Here, ePartners help one another to enhance each other performance.

Credential and Privileges

All eConsortium Partners are empowered by Qcircle and its growth paradigm in their development process. In reciprocity, they promote Qcircle and its branded products and applications as value added services in the delivery of their core professional services or businesses. Task capabilities and role responsibilities are allocated based on their competencies and selected Consortium Financial Plan.

All ePartners are business owners themselves. They are Qcircle distinguished knowledge developers, educators, innovators and or service providers. They poccess their own competencies and field of specialisation. They act independently as a recognised Qcircle Advisor and Consultant, Certified Professional and Specialist; Educator and Mentor; Service Provider / Consultant; Corporate and Business Owner; or as appointed Specialty or Regional Host.

Business | Consortium Plan

Participation is by subscription of a Consortium Financial Plan. The Plan allocates Privileges and Reward.

eConsortium Partnership

ePartners are ecommere enabled and connected by a set of Enterprise Brands. Value Creation to integrated value chains for shared digitalisation growth at the eConsortium